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About Bonnie Waltch

Bonnie Waltch has worked in documentary television, museum exhibit media, and non-profit arts management. She is currently a producer and writer at Northern Light Productions in Boston. She was thrilled to be part of the 2014-15 Novel Incubator class and is seeking representation for her YA novel, Finding Black Jaguar.

Starting Anew

As I’ve been in the throes of revising my novel (again) and will soon be querying agents (again), hoping to launch my first book out into the world, visions of my next novel have been creeping into my consciousness. So,…

YA Wednesday: Hot Valentines

With the scent of roses in the air and the taste of chocolate lingering on my tongue, my thoughts turn to Valentine’s Days of yore. I remember in third grade when everyone was exchanging valentines, I gave one to every…

YA Wednesday: Winter Wonderland

Although here in Boston winter took a long time coming, the temperature has finally plummeted and there’s actual snow on the ground. No more of that 40-degree pseudo-winter! Being a true New Englander, I always embraced winter with downhill skiing,…

Hearing Voices

I’m sure you’ve all heard the advice to put your manuscript in a drawer for a few months before tackling the next revision. Getting some distance allows you to see things you otherwise can’t because you’re too close to it….