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About Deborah Good

Deborah Good is a 2015 graduate of Grub Street’s Novel Incubator program. After a childhood on Long Island, she did stints in Ann Arbor and Somerville, ended up in Brookline and hasn't budged. She is a social worker and the mother of two daughters. She is working on a new novel, The Confessions of Viktor Schmitz.

Would You Pay to Read This Novel?

A favorite feature of mine on the blog Writer Unboxed, is by editor Ray Rhamey, who selects the first page of a best-selling novel and asks, “Would you pay to turn the page of this best-seller?” which he then follows…

Patron Saints for Writers

In case you missed it—and I did—January 24th was the feast day for Saint Francis de Sales, patron saint of writers and journalists. Our guy trudged around the snowy Swiss landscape trying to win back Catholics lost to Calvinism. He…