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About Kelly J. Ford

Kelly J. Ford's debut novel, COTTONMOUTHS, is forthcoming from Skyhorse on June 6, 2017. She is an instructor for GrubStreet Writing Center and a regular contributor to the website Dead Darlings. Her fiction has appeared in Black Heart Magazine, Fried Chicken and Coffee and Knee-Jerk Magazine. She can be found at and

Gifts That Don’t Suck: Struggling Novelist Edition

Crappy holiday songs have invaded my Spotify country hits playlist. My Facebook feed is full of posts about shopping and mall parking and the Griswolds. Thinly veiled participation-intimidation tactics abound from Secret Santas and Yankee Swappers. Because I can’t manage…

Bedtime Stories

Once upon a lifetime that seems far, far away, I met a psychotherapist. She seemed nice enough. She asked me what I do for fun. I told her that I write. Let me just say, I was thrilled that she…