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Kelly J. Ford's debut novel, COTTONMOUTHS, is forthcoming from Skyhorse on June 6, 2017. She is an instructor for GrubStreet Writing Center and a regular contributor to the website Dead Darlings. Her fiction has appeared in Black Heart Magazine, Fried Chicken and Coffee and Knee-Jerk Magazine. She can be found at and

Friday Feast: In Defense of Villainesses, Women Taking Charge, a Writer’s Guide to Hacking the Reader’s Brain (in 5 Steps), the Importance of Empathy as Craft, and What Happens When a Book Is Fatally Flawed

Maybe it’s because I’m writing a novel with two female leads who flirt with a whole heap of trouble. Maybe it’s because of the stunningly sexist commentary from the Olympics and the policing of women’s bodies on the regular. Whatever…

Friday Feast: Frank Ocean, Harper Lee, and the Reclusive Artist; Stranger Things Characterization Lessons; Jumping the Line vs. Waiting; Why One Trans Woman Writes; and Carrie Brownstein’s Reading List

My writing process involves marinating on a topic for a while. One way I do that is through music. The musician I listened to most during a period of revision angst and relationship turmoil was Frank Ocean. I put Channel Orange on repeat while…