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About Kelly Robertson

Kelly Robertson is a graduate of the Novel Incubator and is working on a novel loosely based on the first female trainer of guide dogs for the blind. She is a recovering CPA and lives with her two whippets, Zoe and Zephyr. When not writing, she can be found walking her whippets through the streets of Cambridge. Her flash fiction can be heard at The Drum, a Literary Magazine for Your Ears. She blogs about writing and dogs at and tweets randomly at @robertsonkelly.

How to Form That Writing Habit

I was heading out with the whippets for one of our first walks originating from my new condo. Next door lives a young boy who is less than enthusiastic about dogs. Since I don’t want to do further damage to…

Small Spaces. Big Worlds.

Come with me into my new writing room, a place of my own. My sanctuary in troubled times. It’s just a corner in a bigger room with a desk a corner under a lower part of the ceiling that contains…

On Writing Groups

Welcome to 2017, a year in which I am determined to note the big and little things for which I am grateful. I need to do something to combat the shadow of despair that has been with me since Election…

Solo Writing Retreat

The Solo Writing Retreat

Ah! The idea of one solid week of writing, and nothing but writing, kept me going for months. I had booked this week away back in June, just after returning from my annual four-day retreat with my writing group. My…

A Pantser Turned Plotter

I took a research trip in mid-September. The trip itself was amazing. I spent time with archival information. I saw photos of the woman whom I’m modeling my protagonist after. I felt my main character in that room with me….