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About Louise Miller

Louise Miller is a writer and pastry chef living in Boston, MA. She received a scholarship to attend the 2013-2014 Novel Incubator program, where she revised her first novel. Her debut THE CITY BAKER'S GUIDE TO COUNTRY LIVING is forthcoming from Pamela Dorman Books (Viking/Penguin Random House). She is an art school drop-out, an amateur flower gardener, an old-time banjo player, an obsessive movie goer, and a champion of old dogs. Louise writes about baking and books on her Tumblr blog You can follow her on twitter @louisethebaker

When Not to Query, and Other Advice

A funny thing happens when you finish your manuscript and you are ready to begin your search for representation. Suddenly you are required to make the giant leap from artist to businessperson—someone who can write a sharp query letter and…

How to Bake a Novel

Like most of my novel-writing friends, when I let my mind drift to lottery winning fantasies, they have very little to do with buying a Bentley and have everything to do with time. Time to write. Time to research. Time…