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About Mark Guerin

Mark Guerin is a 2014 graduate of Grub Street's Novel Incubator program. An award-winning poet in college, he shifted to playwriting in the 80's, developing plays at the Chicago Dramatists Workshop (a Grub Street for playwrights), being awarded an Illinois Arts Council Grant and collecting an MFA in Dramatic Writing from Brandeis University. After 25 years focusing on fatherhood, business writing, graphic design and multimedia development, he returns to creative writing full-time as a novelist. He is currently developing two different books set in the 1970's in northern Illinois where he grew up. Mark lives in Andover, MA, with his wife, Carol, and two Brittany Spaniels.

The Novelist as Plate Spinner

Don’t you hate it when you are deep into reading a novel, and the author refers to something you can’t remember? You come across a line like, “Of course, Bob never would have divorced Jill if it weren’t for what…

Useful Metaphors

‘Kill your darlings,’ the writing teacher’s commandment for which this site is named, is a most useful and robust metaphor. It doesn’t just tell writers to mistrust themselves when they become especially enamored of a bit of their writing, but…