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About Rob Wilstein

Rob Wilstein is a 2012 graduate of Grub Street's Novel Incubator program. His first novel, as yet unpublished, Big Shot, is a historical journey into life on New York’s Lower East Side during the Depression years and its effect on Harry, a young Jewish immigrant struggling to achieve success. He is currently working on a second novel, Alan Feldman, Most Likely to Succeed, in which a fifty-year-old gambling addict loses his wife and daughter, setting him on a quest to rebuild his life.

Confessions of a Wikipedia Addict

Go Figure: Musings from the Mind of Rob Wilstein. Tough as it is to admit, I may be the laziest researcher in the novel writing community, though I’ve done no research into my competition. Research has never been a strong…

Voice Recognition

So, I’m wondering if this has ever happened to you. You’ve been out. Maybe running some errands, you went to the gym, picked up your dry cleaning, whatever, and somewhere along the way you called home, left a quick message…