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Stephanie Gayle's latest novel, Idyll Fears, is due out September 5th. Idyll Threats, the first in the Chief Lynch mysteries was published in 2015. Her first novel is My Summer of Southern Discomfort. Her stories and non-fiction have appeared in The Potomac Review, Kenyon Review Online and Punchnel’s, among others. She’s been nominated twice for a Pushcart prize. She can be found at and

Adventures in Titling: Part Two

When I last left you, I’d imparted some good advice: always have a back up title for your novel. So when your publisher wants to change it, you have more than a sense of desperation at your disposal. When I…

Adventures in Titling: Part One

When I tell people that coming up with a title for my book rates just above a drilling session at the dentist they look at me like I’m crazy. “Really?” they say. “The title?” I hear what they’re thinking. Creating…