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Do you know Geraldine McCaughrean? You should.

Geraldine McCaughrean (pronounced Muh-cork-run) is not a household name, like that other British children’s mega-author you might have heard of. But Geraldine is actually more prolific and has won far more literary awards than that other celebrity writer. She’s penned more…

Letting Go of Attachments

I am an expert at cleaning out my closet.  I have been pushed by circumstance to get rid of many of my possessions again and again.  But when it comes to my words—I’m not as talented. I have been thinking…

YA Wednesday: Embracing and Escaping Trump

Try as I might, I cannot stop thinking about the consequences of a Trump presidency. And clearly many of us are in the same boat, what with all the drum-beating, march-planning, and blooming activism in all corners of the country….