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Friday Feast: Why Rejection Feels Personal, Shitty Job = Better Writer, Things You Should Worry about While Writing a Novel, Writing Historical Novels Set in Eras You Know Nothing About, and Irish Writers on How Their Irish Heritage Influenced Them

Let’s kick off the weekend by reading a little bit about the sting of writerly rejection. Then, we’ll slide into how your shitty day job is at least making you a better writer (yay). We’ll get anxious with another writer and…

Friday Feast: Speaking Out About the State of Diversity in Publishing, Working Class Literature, 5 Myths About Having an Agent, Character Agency, and Creative Writing Prompts When You Only Have 10 Minutes

I’ve taken to watching disaster movies on Saturday nights because there’s something satisfying about watching Mother Nature wipe out humanity when we’ve been so bad. This is a result of watching too many political debates and town halls and being…

Envy and Gratitude

It’s the end of another calendar year, the time before Christmas, when people scramble to buy gifts. It’s the time when book lists appear, summarizing the best and brightest, the funniest, the biggest breakthrough titles published during the same year….