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Under Pressure

People used to ask, “When is your next book due?” and I would laugh, self-consciously, because I didn’t have deadlines. I wasn’t a writer who had contracts or editors waiting for me to produce anything. In those bygone days, I…

recruits carry each other

Why? Why? Why?

I need to finish my outline. I need to take the trash out. I need to be spending time researching. I need to do the laundry. I need to revise that chapter. I need to go to the grocery store. These to-dos buzz around my head like mosquitoes on…

Writing Every Day: The 100 Day Challenge

Writing every day? Forget it. That’s what best-selling male writers do while their wives do everything else. Or so I thought until the 100 Day Challenge. The Challenge started at the end of GrubStreet’s spring Muse and the Marketplace Conference….

How to Read Your Work Aloud in Public

I know many, many writers who get terrified by the idea of reading aloud to an audience. But readings are part of the business of post-published writing, especially in the world of novels. Readings give you an opportunity to sell…