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Hearing Voices

I’m sure you’ve all heard the advice to put your manuscript in a drawer for a few months before tackling the next revision. Getting some distance allows you to see things you otherwise can’t because you’re too close to it….

Scrivener: NaNoWriMo Power Tool

I came to Scrivener the way I come to a lot of things: Oh. Fun. Want. When I wandered into the tea shop to meet my Novel Incubator mentee, Kelly Robertson, she had her laptop open and I saw a…

One Dog at a Time

I got my first dog, Zoe, in 2012 at a time when I was trying to finish a draft of my novel in order to apply to the Incubator program. Zoe was a good dog and a very easy puppy….

Cardinal Sins of Character Development

Nothing makes me stop reading a novel faster than a poorly realized protagonist. Why? Because that character is the guide to a new world, and if he lacks credibility the whole story does too. Below, I have listed some examples…