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Friday Feast: Prizes, Agents, Books, Oh, My!

As you may know, Dead Darlings, “the site for everything novel,” is a production of GrubStreet’s year-long program, the Novel Incubator. Founded by novelist and GrubStreet’s artistic director, Christopher Castellani, and developed with novelists and Grub instructors, Lisa Borders and Michelle Hoover, the Incubator takes…

Craft on Draft: Writing Fiction from Real Life

At last month’s Craft on Draft event Michelle Hoover, Emily Ross, and Dawn Tripp shared how truth inspired their fiction. In addition to reading excerpts from their novels and revealing what was influenced by fact, the authors selected the event’s…

My First Time – Writing

Rob Wilstein’s post The (Full) Writing Life got me thinking about how I started writing. There wasn’t a specific moment when I realized I wanted to be a poet, novelist, or whatever. I would spend years working out those details….