Best author reading series of all time!

codGod, I hope that worked. And that you’re now waiting for me to reveal the world’s best reading series. Wait no longer! It’s called Craft on Draft. And its first event is on April 8th at Trident Booksellers and Café. We have a terrific author lineup: Lisa Borders, Henriette Lazaridis Power, and someone who looks a lot like me.

I know what you’re thinking: what a self-promoting ass! Sure. Point taken. But let me distract you from the obvious nepotism at hand with a description of the reading series. Craft on Draft pulls the curtain back on the writer’s process. Authors will discuss a specific element of craft: highlighting struggles and solutions.

When I attend authors’ readings I always want to know more about the journey to the published page. Did they cut crucial characters? Change POV after several drafts? Move the story a hundred years back in time and two continents east? That’s what I long to hear. What choices led to the book in your hands.

On April 8th Lisa, Henriette and yes, myself, will discuss first pages. You know, the pages that you’re told stand between you and agents and editors and readers. The crucial first few hundred words that spell the difference between a pile of paper on your desk and a book on the shelf of your favorite bookstore.

You’ll get to hear an early draft and then the finished product. The authors will discuss why they changed what they changed and if there’s anything they (now) regret looking back.

And there is a prize!

All attendees are encouraged to bring a first page of their own work (short story or novel.) One lucky guest will have their first page read by our terrific emcees, Jennie Wood and Jack Ferris. The night’s authors will then offer immediate feedback on that chosen first page. And the winner receives an awesome Grub Street pint glass, filled with the beverage of your choice thanks to the generosity of fellow writer Michelle Hoover.

That is truly an unbeatable deal.

  • Plus the venue has food, drink and a guest list that is making me both very excited and a bit nervous.
  • Authors will sign copies of their books after the reading and you can ask them even more questions if you wish.

And you thought I was exaggerating when I said this was the world’s best and most interesting literary event of all time?

For more details about this or future events, check out our Facebook page:

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