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Bonnie Waltch has worked in documentary television, museum exhibit media, and non-profit arts management. She is currently a producer and writer at Northern Light Productions in Boston. She was thrilled to be part of the 2014-15 Novel Incubator class and is seeking representation for her YA novel, Finding Black Jaguar.


You know that point in your story when you have to get across a BIG chunk of information? And I’m not talking about backstory where you can ramble on for a while in a character’s POV, recreating a scene at…

YA Wednesday: Summertime!

June is one busy month for you young adults, what with the end of school, the kick-off of summer, blockbuster movies, and the celebration of Pride month. With finals and parades behind you, it’s time for lazy days of reading…

YA Wednesday: Racism and Sexuality

Rather than shy away from hot-button issues, YA fiction tends to do the opposite and embrace them. Why not? Young people aren’t afraid to deal with Uncomfortable Truths and Difficult Conversations. Some of the best, most cutting-edge YA books deal…

YA Wednesday: Embracing and Escaping Trump

Try as I might, I cannot stop thinking about the consequences of a Trump presidency. And clearly many of us are in the same boat, what with all the drum-beating, march-planning, and blooming activism in all corners of the country….