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Bonnie Waltch has worked in documentary television, museum exhibit media, and non-profit arts management. She is currently a producer and writer at Northern Light Productions in Boston. She was thrilled to be part of the 2014-15 Novel Incubator class and is seeking representation for her YA novel, Finding Black Jaguar.

YA Wednesday: Politics as Usual?

Along with many of us, my teenage son and daughter and their friends felt their hopes and dreams dashed with the election of Donald Trump. Word is if only millenials had voted, Hillary would’ve won by a landslide. Well, wake…

YA Wednesday: The Politics of Hate

Unlike 1969, dubbed the “summer of love,” I would label 2016 the “summer of hate.” Between gun violence, shootings of unarmed civilians and police, violent demonstrations against such incidents, and the Orlando massacre here in the U.S., and terrorist attacks…

YA Wednesday: Matters of Race

After the horrific events of this past week, the blogosphere is buzzing with posts about race in America and the Black Lives Matter movement. When I was a kid, there weren’t a lot of books tackling issues of race, identity,…

Visions of Summer

There’s something about summer that stirs a longing within me. Not a longing to sunbathe on a hot, sandy beach or embark on a long trek in the mountains, or take an exotic vacation, though I enjoy those activities, too….