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About Jerry Whelan

Jerry Whelan graduated from Boston Latin School, Boston College & Middlebury College. While still teaching languages at Boston College High School, he completed a draft of his first novel, an historical saga set in 19th century Boston. It includes a Darling of a character he’s still loath to kill, who speaks in near-incomprehensible Joycean tongues. Not surprisingly, this MS is serving as an excellent doorstop. His second novel, The Man Who Walked In Circles, graduated from Grub Street’s Novel Incubator program, and is a better Man for it, though not yet the Man of Jerry’s dreams. Jerry’s publications to date include translations of Mario Vargas Llosa in Salmagundi, and his first published short story “Pasquale The Glassblower,” in the Fall 2012 issue of the Madison Review. Jerry’s current language obsession is German. Es lebe Dead Darlings!

My Beef with Silver Linings Playbook

Catching up on the movies I missed last year slaving over my novel draft, last night I watched Silver Linings Playbook. The film is about a young man, Pat Solitano, from a working class Italian family in north Philadelphia, who…

Six Reasons Why Novelists Should Read A Lot

It’s a commonplace that novelists—especially aspiring novelists—should read a lot, and, more specifically, read lots of novels. It goes hand-in-glove, right? A certain number of people who love reading stories will eventually decide, wisely or not, to try their hand…