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About Elizabeth Chiles Shelburne

Elizabeth Chiles Shelburne is a 2013 graduate of Grub Street’s Novel Incubator program. She is a journalist and writer at work on her first novel, about how a single moment of drunken bad sex can ruin lives for years to come. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic (where she was an editor back in the magazine’s Boston days), The Boston Globe, Boston Magazine and GlobalPost, among others. A native of Tennessee, her essay on how killing a deer made her a feminist appeared in the anthology Click! When We Knew We Were Feminists. She lives in Cambridge with her husband, two kids, and a menagerie of her daughter’s imaginary friends, favorites of which are Wildebeest, Ouch, and Scary Bear. (He’s cooler than Nice Bear.)

Loveys of Procrastination

Back when my children were babies, they got to an age where people suggested a “lovey,” a transitional object, meant to give the little guys something to snuggle with that isn’t my husband, me, or more accurately, my boobs. Often,…