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About Elizabeth Chiles Shelburne

Elizabeth Chiles Shelburne is a writer whose nonfiction has been published in The Atlantic, The Boston Globe, The New Republic and Amherst Magazine, among other venues. Her short fiction has appeared in Broad River Review and Barren Magazine. Her debut novel, Holding On To Nothing (Blair, 2019), was an OkraPick by the Southern Independent Booksellers Association and won a Gold Medal at the Independent Publisher Book Awards for Best Regional Fiction from the South. She is a graduate of Amherst College and Grub Street’s Novel Incubator program. She is an East Tennessee native and mother of four children.

Baby vs. Book

Do I actually want another baby? Or am I just so full of fear over the prospective publication of my debut novel that I want the purity of focus that caring for a newborn affords?  I love babies. Always have….

Loveys of Procrastination

Back when my children were babies, they got to an age where people suggested a “lovey,” a transitional object, meant to give the little guys something to snuggle with that isn’t my husband, me, or more accurately, my boobs. Often,…