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About Emily Ross

Emily Ross's YA novel HALF IN LOVE WITH DEATH (Simon & Schuster/ Simon Pulse) was named a finalist for best YA novel in the International Thriller Writers 2016 Thriller Awards. She received a 2014 MCC Artist Fellowship finalist award for fiction. She is the mother of two millennials and lives in Quincy MA with her husband and her elusive cat, Beau. Find out more at and

Voice Lessons for Writers

My daughter first sang in public when she was three years old. I can still see her in a dark-flowered dress, fearlessly belting out “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” in a husky voice that someone once referred to as a whiskey…

Us and Them

Welcome to the first installment of Dead Darlings’ mishmash of the web, a series that will appear or not appear randomly whenever we feel like it. Over the past few of weeks, Mom and Dad have been fighting in literary…

My First Time – Writing

Rob Wilstein’s post The (Full) Writing Life got me thinking about how I started writing. There wasn’t a specific moment when I realized I wanted to be a poet, novelist, or whatever. I would spend years working out those details….

To Be in the Sixties or Not To Be in the Sixties

Don Draper did so many despicable things during the past season of Mad Men, that not even all the glimpses of his troubled childhood could get me to sympathize. But while watching the last scene of the season finale, in…