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About Kelly Robertson

Kelly Robertson is a graduate of the Novel Incubator and is working on a novel loosely based on the first female trainer of guide dogs for the blind. She is a recovering CPA and lives with her two whippets, Zoe and Zephyr. When not writing, she can be found walking her whippets through the streets of Cambridge. Her flash fiction can be heard at The Drum, a Literary Magazine for Your Ears. She blogs about writing and dogs at and tweets randomly at @robertsonkelly.

Point of View: Omniscient

“Partway through writing my first novel, I had a terrifying realization: I needed an omniscient narrator.” -Celeste Ng, Dead Darlings post April 7, 2014. Writing a novel is all about making a series of decisions that add up to a…

Why Not to Work on Your Novel

I assume if you are reading this blog, you either have been or currently are in the middle of the long slog that is writing a novel. I am. I’m in year three, and still I don’t see an end….

Project Manage Your Novel to Done

I recently had the good fortune (trying to keep it positive) to find myself without a job. After the shock of being unemployed was over, I became grateful for the time off. I decided to take the summer and work…

Read and Reread

“For all I know, writing comes out of a superior devotion to reading.” Eudora Welty, On Writing I just did something I haven’t done in years. I read two novels in the span of two weeks. Joy! I fussed and…