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About Kelly Robertson

Kelly Robertson is a graduate of the Novel Incubator and is working on a novel loosely based on the first female trainer of guide dogs for the blind. She is a recovering CPA and lives with her two whippets, Zoe and Zephyr. When not writing, she can be found walking her whippets through the streets of Cambridge. Her flash fiction can be heard at The Drum, a Literary Magazine for Your Ears. She blogs about writing and dogs at and tweets randomly at @robertsonkelly.

Why Write Fiction?

One of the more interesting classes I’ve taken during the course of my writing career was a class on novel structure in my MA program. We read six novels, all of which had unique structures, some wholly fitting of the…

Simplify: Novel, Dogs, Job

As I got older, I thought life would get simpler. I’d go to work. I’d come home. I’d read away the hours. In my thirties, I discovered writing (well, rediscovered it after a particularly unhelpful, James Joyce-loving professor told me…