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About Louise Berliner

Louise Berliner graduated from the Novel Incubator class in 2016. Her first book, Texas Guinan, Queen of the Night Clubs, is a biography of a New York night club hostess from the Roaring 20s, who was famous for saying, "Hello, Suckers!" Her poems, articles and short fiction have appeared in VQR, The Mom Egg, Porter Gulch Review, Ibbetson Review, Sacred Fire magazine, and several plein air chapbook collections. When not writing she can be found making sculptural baskets or tincturing herbs.

Letting Go of Attachments

I am an expert at cleaning out my closet.  I have been pushed by circumstance to get rid of many of my possessions again and again.  But when it comes to my words—I’m not as talented. I have been thinking…

Failing Beautifully

I assigned myself this blog because Life had taken me away from Art and I needed a way back to the page. I thought if I had a deadline I’d produce. And I have produced—many many badly written glib little…