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About Stephanie Gayle

Stephanie Gayle's latest novel, Idyll Fears, is due out September 5th. Idyll Threats, the first in the Chief Lynch mysteries was published in 2015. Her first novel is My Summer of Southern Discomfort. Her stories and non-fiction have appeared in The Potomac Review, Kenyon Review Online and Punchnel’s, among others. She’s been nominated twice for a Pushcart prize. She can be found at and

How Real Crimes Influenced My Fiction

This post first appeared on  Jungle Red Writers in September 2015. I’m from a small town. East Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Population: almost 11,000 when I last lived there. That was 1993, the year I graduated high school. A half-year earlier Kent…

Envy and Gratitude

It’s the end of another calendar year, the time before Christmas, when people scramble to buy gifts. It’s the time when book lists appear, summarizing the best and brightest, the funniest, the biggest breakthrough titles published during the same year….