Friday Feast: Lessons from One-Star Reviews, Mid-Career Author Advice, Slut Shaming in Romance, Spreading the Book Love, and Bookish Street Art

I told myself I wouldn’t write about winter weather so much this year. But here we are on the verge of another snowstorm. Instead of bemoaning the bitter cold, I’m trying to focus on the benefits: lots of time to read fiction, lots of time to research tropical vacation destinations, lots of time to write, lots of time to revise one of those first drafts that I have neglected since writing “the end.”

Repeat after me: Winter is super. Winter is the best.



  1. Stephanie Gayle

    I love that you grouped my favorite writing or writing-adjacent posts in one blog post.
    Also, winter is not the best, but points for effort.

  2. I loved the one star review that said, “This book gave me gay cooties.” Cecelia Tan who wrote the article on one star reviews claimed this was a great compliment. Her article is definitely worth reading.

  3. Thanks Kelly. This is just what I needed to help me face the winter blahs, especially the piece on one star reviews. I was desperate to find ways to put bad reviews in perspective and this piece hit the spot, especially this, “it’s far more important to write something that moves people than to write something no one cares about.” Or as someone else once told me, “you’re nobody till somebody hates you.”

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