Friday Feast: Non-Asian Writers of Asian American Characters, the Lines Between Commercial and Literary Fiction, Writing Without Knowing the Ending, Angela Flournoy Interview, and Books to Inspire Wanderlust

powerpointThis week, I’m knee deep in PowerPoint, project plans, and Jira tickets, which leaves me little time for writing, revision, or reading the two tomes that sit neglected on my bedside table. Ah, day jobs!

But the weekly Friday Feast deadline ensures that I stay connected to the writing life, even when that connection is but a thread. Reading literary links counts as part of the writing process. Truly.

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  1. Lisa Birk

    You Rock, Kelly! Even knee deep in PowerPoint, you still Deliver on the weekly digest of cool and interesting links. Faves of this week? Stacey Lee’s piece and the NYTBR piece on the line between commercial and literary fiction.

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