Friday Feast: Fellow Author Book Reviews, First Book Tour Calamities, That $3.4 M Deal, How to Be an Unpublished Author, and Bookish Cakes

cakeMost writers would rather run naked through the streets than talk about money (unless it’s a lack thereof) or their *real* feelings regarding the ups and downs of the writing and publishing life.

Bless those writers who confess their true feelings or pull back the curtain so that the rest of us can see that maybe we’re all a little bit crazy but at least we’re not alone.


  • Situation: A fellow author gave your book a 5-star review. And now they expect one in return. And you think their book is pretty awful. Thoughts on receiving and being expected to give five-star reviews.
  • John Scalzi conducts a fake interview with himself to discuss his recent $3.4 million deal with Tor.
  • Writers typically put on a brave face and tell themselves that everything will be fine and that we’re really, actually most sane when we’re writing. But most unpublished novelists are a bit like Jack Torrance from the Shining.
  • Stressed-induced diarrhea, perspiration, inappropriate swearing and jokes, and projectile toddler vomit. Sounds like the diary of a first-time book tour!
  • And now for something totally different. It’s wedding season. Go look at these beautiful bookish cakes.


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