Friday Feast: Prince, Pulitzer Prize Winners Viet Thanh Nguyen and Lin-Manuel Miranda, Slackers, Readers vs. Writers, and South Park Creators on Plot

2EAA3A1100000578-3328189-image-a-65_1448115112339What does Prince have to do with writing? Everything if you’re a kid growing up in a dead-end town in a state that everyone forgets exists and everything around you is the worst and your stupid stepbrother told your parents that they shouldn’t let you buy Purple Rain because there’s a song on there about masturbation. But you find a way to listen to it anyway and you learn about sex and desire and the weird and awesome wonderfulness that awaits you out in the world. And then one day years later, you write a masturbation scene in your novel and you think: Thanks, Prince, for telling kids all the things that grownups were too scared for us to learn.

Aside from that, here are this week’s links.

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