Friday Feast: Debunking the 10,000-Hours Rule, Scorched Earth Novels, the Importance of Sensitivity Reading, How to Promote Your Book Without Being Annoying, and an “Embarrassingly Inefficient (but Surprisingly Effective) Writing Process”


I was a little bit obsessed with Mitch Gaylord after the ’84 Olympics.

Back when I had time to take kung fu and tai chi classes, I hung on to the hope of the 10k hour myth because I wanted to believe that all that time spent in class would turn me into some sort of martial arts champion — or at least help rid me of weight I had gained during a doomed relationship.

These days, I rejoice in the debunking of this myth because I know that showing up is only half the battle.

I quit kung fu and tai chi to join the inaugural and time-intensive Novel Incubator class, where I learned how to not just show up, but to focus. I’m no master, and I still carry around extra weight, but I’ve completed three novels and one graphic novel. So suck it, 10k hours (pretty sure it’s been over 10k hours at this point… still waiting to be crowned a genius.)



    • Mitch Gaylord forever and ever amen.

      Yeah, I def don’t outline. I’m all like, “Yeah, some shit’s gonna go down… Some kind of shit… Shit TBD.”

  1. Bob Fernandes

    There’s another version of that 10,000 hour kung fu thing, that speaks to complexity/difficulty (though I’m not arguing its validity): 100 hours for the fist, 1,000 hours for the staff, 10,000 hours for the (straight) sword.

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