YA Wednesday: Hot Valentines

Red-Love-Valentine-Day-Wallpaper-HD-620x349With the scent of roses in the air and the taste of chocolate lingering on my tongue, my thoughts turn to Valentine’s Days of yore. I remember in third grade when everyone was exchanging valentines, I gave one to every boy except the one I was crushing on, fearing that by doing so I’d give away the secret of my burning torch. If he figured it out, he didn’t let on. It was the first of many unrequited loves to come in my teen years. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here are some links that will ignite the vicarious flame of passion in young readers everywhere. Also, some tips for you YA writers on crafting hot kissing and love scenes to warm up any winter room. Whether your taste ranges from innocent to racy, you’ll find it all here.

May your love be requited and your torch burn bright!

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