Friday Feast: Shed Your Leaves, Apples, Words, Sentence Diagrams and More

Movie version Christian Grey does not want your apple.

Ah, mid-October. Time of endless apple-picking social media posts, picked over apple pies in workplace kitchens, apple pies and apple butters and assorted apples in jars that you don’t know what to do with so you give them away as gifts for the holidays.

Dead Darlings does not want your apples unless you dehydrate them. Apple Jerky. We’ll take that.


  • Despite what your Facebook timelines might suggest, October is not just about the apples, folks. To prep you for the leaves-a-turning and ghouls-a-lurking, take a look at these October Books: A Reading List for the Month of Harvests and Horror compiled by Tom Nissley.
  • All this apple talk reminds me of teachers. Speaking of, y’all teachers need to stop making students diagram sentences according to Michelle Navarre Cleary in her post, The Wrong Way to Teach Grammar. (We are just the messengers.)
  • Becoming Your Own Best Critic. As the leaves shed, so should you shed those extra words. Jim Heynen finds inspiration in an early draft and subsequent revision of the Gettysburg Address.
  • Mother Nature is all, look at these beautiful red and yellow and orange leaves draping the countryside and city streets! But really, the leaves are dying organisms and most days (at least here in New England) are grey and rainy. Oh hey, that reminds me of this post by Nikil Saval, Bartlebys All!, regarding workplace novels.
  • If you’re over October or apples or reading or writing or revision or all of the above (hey, it happens sometimes), sit back, relax and watch the 10 Best Literary TED Talks of the Year courtesy of Nikki Steele.


  1. Neat! Just finished reading the article on brevity. I know I’ll need to do some “word-shedding” when I revise my WIP, so this will be helpful.

    By the way, hello from a fellow Grubbie! I’ve taken several classes at Grub Street over the past few years and started contributing to Grub Daily earlier this year. Nice to “meet” others who have benefited from their incredible work.

  2. Thanks, Sara! Thanks for joining us over here. We love GrubStreet. What an incredible community, amirite? We hope to see you around the Grub hallways or the dance floor at Lit Up. We love to dance. I’m gonna go check out your posts!

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