Friday Feast: Why We Need More Novels About Work; Bookmobiles in Southern Appalachia; Gay book, Indian Book, or Diverse Book; Our New Librarian of Congress; and a New Documentary Explores the Billion-Dollar Romance Novel Industry


Image credit: Tom Blackwell

I’ve heard folk say work novels won’t sell because no one wants to read about the thing they’re trying to escape. Personally, I love to read about workplaces. The crazier the better. Without working lives depicted in narratives, I assume that the characters are part of society’s 1%, which holds little interest to me as a working stiff since the age of 16. It’s hard for me to get lost in the lives of the rich in an era of such devastating income inequality, which is why I enjoyed the first link this week.


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  1. Stephanie Elizabeth Gayle

    I love work novels. The more terrible the job, the more I want to read. In fact, I consider all my novels work novels b/c the job is so important to the story.

    And thank you for bringing Love Between the Covers to my attention. Want to watch now!

    Librarians are my jam. Super excited by Carla Hayden’s appointment.

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