Novel Incubator: We’ll Double the Offer!


This post first appeared four years ago, when the Novel Incubator was only a toddler.  Now, with Class 7 more than halfway through their year, we decided once again to take a break from our typical posts to give you the inside scoop on the double-your-fun Alumni portion of GrubStreet’s Novel Incubator Program:

The Novel Incubator program is a competitive and affordable MFA-level course, spanning 12 months, for ten fiction writers interested in deep revision of their novel drafts, a comprehensive craft-based study of the novel form, and a thoughtful introduction to the publishing world.

But like an As Seen on TV ad…

That’s not all!

We’re not just a bunch of blog-bots over here at Dead Darlings. We’re Alumni of the Novel Incubator program. You could consider us the in-laws. Or the out-laws. Or a support group that will always be there for you on the third Thursday of every month (assuming we have a quorum) to welcome you with open arms even if you’ve disappeared for twelve months. No judgment.

But wait! There’s more!

Our meetings include agendas and alcohol (assuming that’s your thing). What’s on the agenda? I’ll tell you what!

  • Integrating second-year classmates into the Alumni program: We went out drinking.
  • Welcoming third-year classmates to the class: We went out drinking.
  • More secret sauce that we can’t share.

Not convinced? Read on!

  • Mentorship: We paired alumni with incoming students so they would have someone to call on during those dark hours of doubt and revision. In most cases, Alumni mentors have read their mentee’s full novels to get a sense of the writer and to understand their story considerations and concerns. We also paired freshly hatched Incubees with alumni to guide them through the post-class re-entry into civilized society.
  • Literary Salons: Quarterly, the whole group meets to talk shop and socialize. At the last one, we sat in Rob Wilstein’s warm living room, munched on chips and cake and pizza and made commitments to each other about deadlines — from finishing revisions to sending out query letters.
  • Lifelong readers: Every year, we grow our network of readers who are willing and able to provide constructive criticism on full manuscripts.
  • Big ups: Our alumni are a gracious and generous bunch. We spread the alumni love far and wide with high fives and social media shout outs.

What makes this alumni group different from others on the market?

  • We focus on the craft of novel writing. But we have been known to give each other feedback on query letters, short stories and synopses.
  • We don’t harass our alumni to give us money. We do, however, harass them to give us blog posts and join us for social outings.
  • Any donations we receive from readings or events go toward the Novel Incubator scholarship fund. Emergency funds may also be available for bail. Both subject to need assessment.

Act now!

The Novel Incubator is accepting applications this very second.  You’ve got till February 15th!  Just click the handy-dandy link above for all the info.

Questions?  If the wonderful staff at Grub Street can’t help you, drop us a line here at Dead Darlings. Our goal is to get great novels out into the world and provide a support system for our fellow novelists during that journey.

You won’t regret it!


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