YA Wednesday: FanFic Via Kindle Worlds, Rainbow Rowell’s FanFic Novel, Teens’ FanFic Faves, and the Largest Index of FanFic in the World!

fanfic-time-gifWe’re all familiar with fan fiction now, thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey, which began its steamy life as Twilight fan fiction, but did you know that some consider the Bible the earliest form of fan fiction? A 2012 article in The Guardian asks the question, “is this the beginning of an era in which fanfic overthrows original creation?” and traces fan fiction from its very beginnings through the centuries. Among the Internet’s most prolific and popular fan fiction today? You guessed it — Harry Potter — proof that YA rules the fanfic kingdom!

    • In 2013, fan fiction was a hot topic in the news when Amazon announced Kindle Worlds, a publishing platform for writers to publish and earn royalties from their fan fiction. Fan fiction authors finally had a legitimate site on which to sell their work. The relatively new site has its supporters and its detractors, but love it or hate it, fan fiction is here to stay.
    • YA fan fiction is in the news again with the publication of Rainbow Rowell’s latest YA novel, Carry On, based on, you guessed it again — Harry Potter.
      Read why NPR’s Amal El-Mohtar calls Carry On “the best Harry Potter fan fiction I’ve ever read.”
    • Over at School Library Journal, Chelsey Philpot explores how fan fiction has taken off among teenagers.
    • At The Book Smugglers, guest blogger Foz Meadows — YA author and 2013 Best Fan Writer Hugo Award nominee – offers her thoughts on fan fiction.
    • Author Denny S. Bryce discusses must-read fan fiction with her 15-year old niece, covering the fandom of Harry Potter, the NCIS TV show, and Young Adult and Romance author, C. L. Stone
    • Finally, indulge your own love of fan fiction at the largest collection of fan fiction from all around the world and enjoy!

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